VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- A Virginia Beach man is warning others after his car was stolen from his driveway.

“I got up about 6:15 in the morning and went out to get my newspaper and the car is gone. I got on the phone and called police. He took a report and put it out there as a be on the lookout,” said Ashman.

Ashman warned his neighbors on Facebook and a community forum called Nextdoor.

“People were sharing the post and it enabled me to hook up with like 28 neighboring communities around the Shore Drive corridor,” said Ashman.

Ashman said he realized that he wasn’t the only one in his Chic's Beach neighborhood that victimized.

The thief was able to take his car for a joy ride after finding a spare valet key in his owner’s manual.

“They were rifling through cars up and down the street until they found one that had a spare key in the glove compartment,” said Ashman.

Ashman’s car was found within in few hours in the City of Hampton. Police were able to make an arrest because the suspect part of a larger crime spree.

“The suspect also had a gun on him at the time and drugs. There were some other stolen cars nearby so apparently this wasn’t an isolated incident. They were running around with a lot of people you could tell. All that trash in the car and people in the back seat it smelled like pot in there,” said Ashman.

13News Now checked in with Virginia Beach Police and they tell us criminals have been known to steal cars to commit other crimes.