NORFOLK Va. (WVEC) -- From doctor to professor, now to commander, at 63 years old, Tyrone Krause is joining the U.S. Navy

The Navy recognized Krause's 24 years as a heart surgeon in New Jersey as enough experience to serve in the medical corps as a commander in the military branch. It's a rank that usually takes about 16 to 20 years of service to achieve.

So on Friday morning, he was commissioned on board the USS Ramage in Naval Station Norfolk. The ceremony had an extra special meaning too, because he was commissioned by his own daughter, Ensign Laura Krause.

“It feels great, I’m just going to soak it in right now,” said Commander Krause. “It’s an honor to be on a Navy destroyer let alone being sworn in, by your daughter.”

“I can’t even describe to you what he means to me,” said Ensign Krause.

At the ceremony's conclusion, Krause now outranked his daughter. But regardless of the rank, it’s a connection in service to their country that’s creating a father-daughter bond stronger than the blood they share.

Commander Krause said he wouldn’t be here without the inspiration of his daughter.

“It was because I joined that he thought it was an amazing opportunity to join,” said Ensign Krause.

“Certainly, she’s been helping me a lot, she’s been doing this for a year and a half,” said Commander Krause.

Right now, Ensign Krause is assigned to the USS Ramage. Her father is now assigned to be in the Naval base in Sandy Hook.