NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Florida lawmakers are hustling hard to get one of the aircraft carriers currently homeported at Naval Station Norfolk.

Senators Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson are behind the push to move one of the ships to Naval Station Mayport.

The Navy has previously shot down such plans in the past, saying the cost would be too much.

Now the Senators are asking President Trump to step in. They want him to earmark money for the move in next year's defense budget. We'll find out next month if that will happen.

In 2013, the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission projected that a carrier move would mean the loss of 3,200 crew members, 2,000 people in the air wing, and a total employment reduction of more than 10,400 jobs.

Old Dominion University's Economic Forecasting Project estimates that would translate into a loss of gross product of $750 million, or 0.79 percent of overall economic activity.