JACKSONVILLE, FL (WTLV/WVEC) -- Florida's Congressional delegation wrote a letter asking for funding to bring an aircraft carrier to Naval Station Mayport in Jacksonville. Bringing over an aircraft carrier would likely come from Naval Station Norfolk.

The letter -- signed by Florida Senators Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson, as well as Florida's U.S. Representatives -- requests Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis make a "strategic dispersal of capital ships by making Naval Station Mayport capable of homeporting a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier."

The Congressmen argued that keeping all East Coast carrier fleet homeported in Hampton Roads is dangerous.

Currently, Naval Station Nofolk is home to six carriers: The USS Harry S. Truman, George H.W. Bush, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and the George Washington. Additionally the Navy's newest carrier, the Gerald R. Ford, is nearing completion in Newport News and is expected to be delivered to the Navy later this year.

Naval Station Mayport recently beat out Virginia to be the home of the Navy's next generation of unmanned surveillance drones.

You can view the letter in its entirety:

Letter to SecDef SecNav Re Mayport CVN Homeport