Norfolk, VA (WVEC) – A special memorial addressing veteran suicide and PTSD has made its way to Norfolk.

It’s called “War at Home,” located at the Elizabeth River Trail by Larchmont Library.

An organization called Mission 22 had the idea, which has been in the works for three years.

“It’s a big deal,” said Michael Kissel with Mission 22.

Twenty 10-foot tall silhouettes of military veterans now stand along the trail.

The goal is to raise awareness and hopefully start a conversation among military family and friends about suicide.

“Some of the best people in our society are taking their own lives because we as a society have forgotten how to complete the process of going to war,” said Kissel. “It really comes down to knowing those people as individuals and then just being willing to listen to them or talk to them. Or sometimes tell them the hard truth.”

The memorial is the first public display for the organization and the public is currently welcome to view. It’s expected to stay up for about a year, Kissell explained.

There will also be a dedication ceremony, but a time has not been named.