VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- A Veteran's Outpatient Clinic may soon open in Virginia Beach.

The city is set to discuss the clinic proposal during the city council meeting tomorrow.

Congress authorized construction of the VA clinic, and the President has signed legislation and funding is available.

However, choosing a location depends on finding a 155,000 square-foot facility and a developer to build it. The idea though has veterans like Joseph Brady excited.

Joe is a Vietnam veteran. He says he knows what it's like to serve in the Navy.

"Been around the world a couple of times. I've been everywhere," said Joe.

He also knows how it is to be 100 percent disabled.

"I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, so they give me my medication. They make sure that my body's functioning well, they do my labs, make sure my blood is correct."

So he uses the VA facility as a resource to take care of his health.

"I think the veteran's hospital is doing an outstanding job. I really do," said Joe.

He said the VA here matters to more than 58,000 veterans in Virginia Beach.

"Having a clinic available shows me that the community cares enough to have a facility built to take care of the veterans and that's very important."

Now, the Clairfield facility's lease is set to expire on June 30, if the VA does not extend it. So the new, larger outpatient clinic could take its place.

"A facility would be ideal," said Joe.

Right now, the plans are in the proposal stage. According to specifics authorized by Congress, to make this clinic happen, the city of Virginia Beach would need to find land that would be leased to the VA for 50 years for free.

The city also needs a disabled veteran like Joe to be a partner in the proposal.

"Having one close by is definitely a convenience and it's fantastic," said Joe.

This new facility would create 350 jobs and cost more than $18,000,000 total, for the first year.

"The clinic is a very, very important part and I think it would add a whole bunch of good will if you want," said Joe. "We need it, we definitely need it and it would be a help to this community."

The proposal says the city of Chesapeake has also expressed interest in having the new clinic.

However, Congressman Taylor will talk with the VA on whether the host city can collect real estate taxes on the facility.

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