NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- The Navy worked hard to make sure sailors on board USS Abraham Lincoln felt the spirit of Thanksgiving.

Crew members ate a holiday meal Thursday afternoon. Some had the opportunity to enjoy the day with their loved ones.

AM1 Sean Williams is an Aviation Structural Technician who has been in the Navy 16 years. He only has been able to spend time with his family on Thanksgiving for five of those years.

“Being home for Thanksgiving is special to me, especially here with my wife," said Williams who was on duty but sat eating with his wife, Emily. Williams proposed to her on Thanksgiving five years ago, making the holiday even more significant.

“My family can join my Navy family and enjoy the experience with us,” Williams told 13News Now.

The food it took to provide meals for more than 500 sailors and their families included 30 turkeys, 200 pounds of potatoes, and 400 pounds of beef.

Command Master Chief Jim Stedding said, “This is a little give back to not only the sailors but their families, too, to show what the Navy is truly about."

On a normal day in port, the ship's supply department feeds 900-1400 sailors per day, which is more than 3,000 meals.