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Alexa feature will try to rescue you from awkward holiday arguments

Amazon has announced a new phrase command that will quickly try and change the subject when the conversation gets too heated this season.
Credit: WFMY

WASHINGTON — It's one of the most dreaded parts of the holiday season: the fear of an awkward or heated conversation topic arising just when things are meant to be anything but. 

An eye roll-worthy question from grandma? Another political rant from dad? Well Amazon has announced a new phrase command feature for Alexa which will allow you to say "Alexa, change the subject." When you say this phrase command, Alexa will ask a series of debate questions that the feature says will change "conversations and keeping things fun."

User Ioana Ivan, who gave the feature a five star review on Amazon said, "this app offers great comic relief and a nice ice breaker for any conversation in need of some assistance!" 

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As Yahoo! finance reports, Amazon conducted a survey which showed that money is the issue that families are most likely to fight over. In instances where topics like this set the room ablaze with tension, you could ask Alexa to "change the subject." One of the responses from Alexa to your command might be, “What would your superpower be and why?” Or “Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?” The AI-powered assistant will attempt to distract the angry minds of those in the room and change topic to avoid ruining the day. 

According to reports, research shows that arguments are said to be most likely to break out between siblings, or with mothers.