NORFOLK, Va. — About 8,700 civilian Coast Guard employees missed their paychecks Friday, with 42,000 active duty members bracing to not receive their scheduled paychecks on Tuesday.

Admiral Charles W. Ray issued an email to Coast Guard members on Thursday, stating “without an appropriation, a continuing resolution, or another legislative measure, the Coast Guard will not be able to meet the next payroll.”

“One thing that I’ve noticed during this shutdown is that our leaders, our senior leaders as well as our leaders at the local commands are doing everything that they can to help members prepare for missing a paycheck and getting them the resources that are available to them,” said External Affairs Officer at U.S. Coast Guard Mid-Atlantic Amanda Faulkner. “Making sure that they have a plan in place.”

The Department of Homeland Security issued a letter to creditors, asking them to be flexible if employees are unable to meet their financial obligations in a timely manner, writing it is “a temporary situation and one that is beyond our employees’ control.”

“The letter to creditors was drafted for personnel who need to discuss with their creditors an alternate payment plan in order to help as much as possible to help with their financial obligation,” said Faulkner.

CEO of Jones CPA Group Stephen Jones has some advice for government contractors who find themselves in a difficult place.

“If you have a line of credit, if you have invoices payable from the government, that can be used as collateral to get an advance until the government makes a payment,” said Jones.

Lt. Faulker says regardless of the shutdown, coast guard members will still be conducting missions and helping those who need it.