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MILITARY DREAM WEEK: Petty Officer Edward Page

Coast Guard Petty Officer Edward Page thought we were interviewing him about working during the pandemic. However, we had a surprise for him instead.

NORFOLK, Va. — Military Dream Week continues as we honor one local Coast Guard member.

Petty Officer Edward Page thought we were interviewing him about home life and work-life balance during the pandemic. However, we had other plans in store. 

His colleagues inside the Coast Guard were in on the secret and were eager to honor a deserving co-worker and friend. 

"I’m with the maintenance augmentation team here on base, basically what we do is when a cutter comes back from a patrol, we have members like myself and a team that goes on board and does maintenance," Page said.

Page was chosen to receive this gift by his colleagues and superiors, who say he always goes above and beyond. His superiors gushed over how he's always positive and uplifting. 

They added that he is amazing at work, on top of having a lot going on back at home. The pandemic hasn't been east for Page. 

"For me personally, it definitely has been rough. One of the reasons why is because my daughter is special needs. So, she has several medical conditions that made it more of a concern for us,” Page said. 

Along with his daughter being special needs, his wife is also battling medical conditions of her own. This, while she's homeschooling their children. 

"She’s been home with them, she’s taken on working from home as well, she’s homeschooled our kids for many, many years, not just through the pandemic, but she took on that role. She’s even helped other people out who’ve asked, like, how do you deal with this? How do you deal with that," he said. 

Page continued to go on about how much he appreciates and is amazed by his loving wife.

As Page's colleagues looked on eagerly during the interview, they decided to let him in on the secret that this was a rouse, and we weren't there to talk about the pandemic but instead to honor him and who he is. 

Page was given a $500 gift card to spend on anything he'd like, and when he realized this was real life, he rubbed his forehead and said, "You have no idea what this means to us."

Edward Page, you have no idea what you mean to your colleagues, family, and country. Thank you for your service. 

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