WASHINGTON D.C., DC — The Military Family Advisory Network released a report detailing poor satisfaction rates among military families when it comes to on-base, privatized housing.

This new report highlights the housing experiences of close to 16,000 families living at more than 160 military bases across the nation. 

Out of the families who responded to the survey, 93% said none of the privatized housing they live in had average or even above neutral satisfaction levels.

Nearly 60% describe issues with maintenance and a lack of repairs and remediation. Some of the top issues that were also highlighted were mold, filth including dirt, stains and waste, structural instability and poor-quality building materials.

Close to 1,900 respondents said their Basic Allowance for housing payments are not justified for their current living conditions. About 1,600 said they were charged unwarranted fees and more than 700 describe unfair treatment when trying to move out or end their leases.

The report was first submitted to the Senate Armed Services Committee for public record on Feb.13. After the submission, members of Congress and Department of Defense leaders visited military families' homes.