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U.S. lawmakers express concerns over potential Chinese invasion of Taiwan, saying, 'It will sink our economy... undermine our national security'

U.S. Intelligence agencies assessments said invasion could take place by 2027.

WASHINGTON — American lawmakers are worried about a potential Chinese invasion of Taiwan and what that could mean for America's military, its economy, and for security in the Indo Pacific region.

House Armed Services Committee members made clear Tuesday they are concerned about U.S Intelligence agencies' assessment that Communist China could invade the neighboring Democratic nation of Taiwan by 2027.

"It will sink our economy, endanger our allies and severely undermine our national security," said Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Alabama), the panel's chairman.

But, Major General Joseph McGee, Vice Director for Strategy, Plans, and Policy, J-5, Joint Staff, Department of Defense, said an invasion is not a foregone conclusion.

"Conflict is neither imminent or inevitable. U.S. deterrence backed by the most credible fighting force in world is real and strong today," McGee said. 

What complicates security in the region is word that Taiwan's 2019 order of 66 new F-16 fighter jets from the United States will not be completed until 2026 because of software problems.

Rep. Rob Wittman (R-Virginia, 1st District) is not pleased.

"Taiwan rightfully looks at us and goes, you know what, you made a lot of promises folks, but you haven't delivered on the promises," Wittman said. "Assure me that we're going to deliver on those promise in a timely manner and it's not going to take another seven years to deliver what they first asked for in 2019."

Mira Resnick, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Regional Security, Department of State replied to Wittman's statement.

"So, we are waiting on industry. We have been working with industry to step up their production," Resnick said.

Wittman got the last word, though. He said: "Thank you. Working needs to equal delivery. I hope to see delivery of those aircraft in the months to come."

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