VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) - A controversy over a large live oak tree is growing. The city thinks the tree may need to be chopped down while neighbors disagree.

The more than 100-year-old live oak sits at the corner of Bayview and Chubb Lake in Chix Beach.

A spokesperson with The City of Virginia Beach told 13News Now, a concerned citizen contacted them about the Live Oak.

A few weeks ago, city workers came out and did some research on the tree, and now the city is trying to decide what options are available beside chopping it down.

"This would sound kind of crazy, but it would probably make me cry and I would be very furious and very upset," said Neighbor Elisa Morrell.

Neighbors are so upset, they started a petition because they say this is history, although the tree is damaged they believe it can be saved.

"Fill it with a material, organic material that would help any increase of the decay," Morrell said.

Others say this the tree is important and they will do anything to keep it standing.

"It's part of the neighborhood, explained Earl Roth. "It's like stepping back in time."

The city said the tree is a major concern since the damage to the tree truck.presents safety and liability issues.

Some of the residents took matters in their own hands and hired a professional.

"My neighbor has had a certified arborist come out and say the tree is easily salvageable and there are a few things you can do," Morrell explained.

Neighbors said they are ready to do those things and even pay for it. They will not give up and plan to keep getting people to sign their petition.

if you would like to help, you can sign the petition on