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Want to work from home permanently? Here's what experts say to do

One expert says you should ask your boss.

MOOSIC, Pa. — Many folks who worked from home during the health crisis may be returning to the office, but one expert says, if it works for you, you should ask to stay home to do your job.

This health crisis forced many to do their jobs that way, and some would like to keep working remotely.

A recent survey found that about 80% of Americans prefer working from home.

"It just, I feel more productive working from home. I just like it. I don't know I think I'm a homebody I just like being home, working, being home with my kids," said Jessica Wallace of Bear Creek Township.

Big tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter will keep workers home through the end of this year and perhaps permanently.

Some argue working from home is good for everyone.

"Studies show they're healthier and above all, most importantly of all, they're happier, and a happy employee is a more productive employee. And productivity goes up 15 to 40 percent with a remote workforce," said Moe Vela of TransparentBusiness.

Moe Vela said if it is what you want, you should ask your boss to keep working from home: just make sure you do your research, have a compelling argument, and prove you can be productive.

"Think it through, explain, and show your employer that you have the proper space at home, that you have the self-discipline, that you've built the trust necessary, and then point out all these benefits to them."

Vela said working from home is good for the environment with less carbon emissions.

He said it is also great for people with disabilities and single parents who cannot work outside the home.

"We have coordinating software, file sharing, video conferencing, no reason for an employer not to do it," said Vela.

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