NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Riverview business owners hope a newly installed illuminated sign along Granby Street will draw customers to the area.

Riverview Village Business Association President Ted Warren is the corridor is moving toward reintroducing people to its business potential.

"We want to fill these storefronts," said Warren. "We've got a lot of affordable storefronts and we want to be more of a walking community. We need to slow traffic down."

The neighborhood’s business association and the city plan to eventually install two archways welcoming people into the neighborhood.

The Riverview Business Association received $250,000 from a capital improvement grant from the city.

The archway reads, "Riverview Village” and it's about around 30 feet tall feet at the Granby Street Bridge and 38th Street.

Warren said the archways will give the neighborhood its own identity as the business section continues to improve.