NORFOLK, Va. - This weekend's blizzard shut down cities across Hampton Roads, and many businesses had no choice but to close. But a shop in Downtown Norfolk saw the snow as an opportunity to bring the community together.

Instead of shutting down, Kari Redman and her crew at Cure Coffeehouse decided to stay open through the storm—coaxing customers with exclusive snow-day specials.

“We do a smaller menu that has a lot of really good brunch items, so people can just enjoy something a little different a little more unique than what we do from day to day,” Redman said.

Their plan worked. Dozens of people hit with cabin fever flocked to the little shop on Botetourt St.

“We were very busy all day --both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday, while the storm is still going, people are still coming out-- so it's fun because you have a lot of adventurous people in this area and they all want to come hang,” Redman said.

Redman said business was booming this weekend, with sales going up 20-30 percent on Saturday and Sunday.

“We put some games out in the other room, so we had some board games ready for everyone. Constant stream of people coming in, so it was a lot of fun to keep up with.”

But more than just boosting business, Redman says it’s all about bringing the community together and making the most out of an icy situation.

“Everyone is just here to have fun. We want our customers to have fun, enjoy playing out in the snow, come here, have some coffee, some food, and go back out and play,” she said.