NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Neighbors are banding together to see what can be done to make a busy Norfolk intersection safer.

The Ghent Neighborhood League wants the city of Norfolk to do something to increase safety at Llewellyn and Shirley Avenues.

“It’s a major south to north corridor and almost looks like a raceway in some ways. One of the things we’d like to discuss is, ‘Is there a way to slow traffic down there?’” GNL President Michael Spencer said.

Residents have been discussing the issue on the Nextdoor app, wondering if the city can install a traffic light or add some speed bumps.

“There are two schools on that road and we want the kids to be safe, the buses to be safe. Shirley Avenue is an interesting street because it connects Monticello Avenue to Colley Avenue-- actually all the way to Hampton Boulevard. So people who may be trying to avoid traffic on Olney Road because it’s backed up, they find some of the side streets to zip through and that's a busy intersection,” Spencer said.

The Ghent Neighborhood League is meeting with the city's traffic engineers about possible solutions Thursday evening.

A city spokesperson told 13News Now public works is already evaluating that corridor.

So far, it has collected traffic volume, speed levels, and crash data. The next step is to take a look at the intersection during school arrival and dismissal times. Once all the data is in, public works will review then make a recommendation.