Norfolk Police are investigating a late-night homicide in an Ocean View neighborhood. 

A man was found shot to death inside a car in the 200 block of West Balview Avenue around 11:15 p.m. Tuesday.

Police found the victim after initially being called to the scene for a car accident.

Neighbor Joey Boone told 13News Now that he was standing outside talking with his brother around 11:00 p.m. when they said goodbye.

Boone said he went into his home and his brother walked the opposite direction, where he later heard two gunshots. Then, he said a car came swinging around the corner, crashing close to other neighbors' cars.

"And it was loud, it shook the house, it felt like,” said Boone.

Boone hurried back out of his home because he was worried his brother was hurt and noticed a different man crashed a car.

He jumped in to help. "I ran around to the driver side and the window was busted out and the guy was there, his eyes were cracked open. So, I tried patting him and patting him to ask him if he was ok," Boone said. “He was soaking wet. I looked at my hand, my hand was completely red."

Other neighbors, like Bryan Greene, tell us they came outside as well and called 911.

"I saw the moment it hit the neighbor’s car behind me and pushed it into mine,” said Greene. 

Even though Greene's car is one of three with damage from the crash, it's the loss of life that's hitting neighbors the hardest.

“Kind of shook me up a little,” said Greene.

"I dodged a car, my brother dodged a bullet," said Boone. “I've seen a bunch of stuff happen around here in my lifetime, but nothing like that."

Detectives have not released any suspect information.

This is Norfolk's seventh homicide of 2019, compared with 15 this time last year. 

Tipsters with information can remain anonymous and be eligible for a cash reward by calling the CrimeLine at I-888-LOCK-U-UP.