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What to take with you when you vote

Here's everything to do to make things easy for yourself on election day.
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NORFOLK, Va. — Election Day is November 8, and with it comes confusion and stress for many people. 

Voting seems simple enough. The community encourages it, and everybody from your aunt to your neighbor espouses the importance of it, but voting can be a daunting task. 

If someone wants to be an informed voter, there is a lot to know before heading to the polls. 

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A few basic steps that can be taken to make the day run more smoothly are:

Learn who and what is on your ballot

There can be a number of different elections on one ballot, so knowing what you'll be voting for and who you want to vote for ahead of time will save time. Find out information about who is on your ballot here. 

Find your polling place

Next, if you're voting in person, you'll want to figure out where your assigned voting location is located. 13News Now has put together a guide to finding your polling place. Click here to find your polling place. 

Take your ID

Once you've figured out who and what you will vote for, and you have found your polling place, the last step is to go vote. You have to register before you vote, but new this year, people in Virginia can register to vote up to election day. 

Register to vote here, or you can register in person when you go to vote. 

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Remember, in order to vote, you will need to bring a valid government issued ID. It's also a good idea to take in your sample ballot with your selections on it, as some polling places will not allow phones. 

More questions about voting? Click here for a complete voter guide for Virginians. 

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