NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Libertarian Cliff Hyra might be the gubernatorial candidate we hear the least about, but he said he’s fighting to the very end.

The attorney, originally from Northern Virginia, is a father of four who now lives outside Richmond.

Polling at about three percent, Hyra told 13News Now he’s making progress with independent voters. He faces Republican Ed Gillespie and and Democrat Ralph Northam in election on November 7.

“We've seen that overwhelmingly my support so far has come from independent voters. In Virginia, it's about an even split between independent, Democratic, and Republican voters.”

Hyra is passionate about criminal justice reform, feeling as if the state wastes too much money incarcerating people for minor crimes, such as small amounts marijuana possession. He is a strong supporter of decriminalizing marijuana and commended Republican Senate Majority leader Tommy Norment for taking steps to sponsor a bill on the issue.

He is critical of President Trump.

"I'm willing to work with him, but I don't support his rhetoric. It's very divisive. I think it's very risky for the state. It's so important to be both innovative and inclusive not just morally but as an economic issue as well, because some of our most highly skilled workers are our immigrants and our LGBTQ people."