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State Sen. Kiggans wins Republican primary in Virginia's 2nd US House District

After winning this nomination, she’ll face off against Democratic incumbent Elaine Luria in November for the seat in the House of Representatives.

NORFOLK, Va. — Virginia's 2nd Congressional District officially has its November matchup: Democratic incumbent Rep. Elaine Luria will face Republican state Senator Jen Kiggans.

With more than 55% of the vote in Tuesday's primary, Kiggans is the Republican nominee.

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“My victory marks the beginning of the end Elaine Luria and the House majority,” Kiggans told the crowd at her victory party in Virginia Beach.

Both Kiggans and Luria are women, mothers, and U.S. Navy veterans. The winner of the general election will represent citizens of the newly re-drawn second district, which no longer includes Democrat-leaning City of Norfolk. 

Kiggans said that works to her advantage.

“By our best estimates it went from R+1 to about R+6, so much more conservative. It’s more rural, it’s more Republican so we are very excited about adopting the new parts of the district,” said Kiggans.

Kiggans beat out candidates Jarome Bell, Andy Baan, and Tommy Altman. The latter two conceded the race, congratulating the projected nominee on her victory.

"While it didn't turn out the way we had hoped, it was an honor to run and connect with so many people in our district," Altman said.

Both Altman and Baan said they're getting behind Kiggans in the general election against Democrat Elaine Luria.

"Now it's time to defeat Elaine Luria, fire Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, and get our country back on the right course," Baan said.

Bell, who finished in second place, hasn't issued a concession. 13News Now reached out to his campaign for a comment on Kiggans' win.

We asked her what she thinks it was about the campaign that led her to Tuesday night's victory.

“I don’t think that division in politics is not... it’s not great for our country. It’s not a great way to govern, so we really try to run just a great, factual... based off what the issues are that are gonna bring people out to the polls and what Virginians are caring about which is the economy,” she said.

Watch her victory speech here:

After the Associated Press called the election for Jen Kiggans, Luria's campaign manager, Kate Fegley, released a statement criticizing the projected Republican nominee:

“As a 20-year Navy veteran and former small business owner who puts the people of Coastal Virginia over politics, Elaine Luria has fought to expand health care services and benefits for veterans, secure billions for the defense budget, invest in local infrastructure, and support small businesses and working families. 

Jen Kiggans is a political opportunist who will say anything to get elected and put party over the people of Coastal Virginia. Kiggans is an election denier who is more interested in auditing the 2020 election and partisan posturing to score cheap political points than the issues that matter most to Hampton Roads. 

Unlike Jen Kiggans, Congresswoman Elaine Luria will continue to be an independent voice in Congress and work with both sides of the aisle to strengthen our national security, protect our democracy, and find solutions that combat rising costs in the short and long term. The people of Virginia’s Second Congressional District trust Elaine Luria and know that she will continue to deliver and do what’s right regardless of the political implications.”

Virginia Beach Elections chair Jeffrey Marks said they don’t have the final numbers yet, but he said there was a relatively low turnout, possibly lower than in 2020.

Some of the issues Kiggans is running on are health care reform, lower taxes and regulatory burdens, and opposition to transgender policies in schools.

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