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Several candidates poised to shake up Virginia Beach City Council

As of Wednesday afternoon, current results show a poised winner for each district in the Virginia Beach City Council race and a shakeup for the incumbents.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Several election races in Hampton Roads are decided, but a few in Virginia Beach are waiting for absentee or provisional ballots to trickle in.

As of Wednesday afternoon, current results show a poised winner for each district in the Virginia Beach City Council race and a shakeup for the incumbents.

Four incumbents ran to reclaim their seats on the Virginia Beach City Council and seven seats were up for grabs this election.

Incumbent Rocky Holcomb is poised to reclaim his seat and oversee District 1. He is edging ahead of Melissa Peck with more than 56% of the vote. Holcomb said he's watching for a few absentee votes to come in, but he's excited about the future.

“There are maybe a few absentee ballots out there, but we are feeling really good,” Holcomb said. “I think we wrapped it up here in District 1 and I am so humbled by the honor and respect given to me to serve District 1 by all the voters out there. It is my promise I will work hard for district one and the city of VB."

In District 2, longtime councilwoman and incumbent Barbara Henley appears to have won reelection, beating four other opponents.

"I think what we have to do is sort of now come together instead of being divided,” Henley said. “I heard everybody saying they wanted the same things, so now how can we come together to achieve these things?"

However, District 6 incumbent Linwood Branch looks to have fallen behind opponent Worth Remick. Branch has more than 41% of the vote to Remick's more than 43%.

Remick said he's hopeful to hit the ground running come January.

“We are very excited about moving forward,” Remick said. “We feel like this is a changed election, not only for this seat but for the rest of the city, and I am excited to roll up my sleeves and get to work for the citizens of Virginia Beach."

And another close race in District 9, where incumbent John Moss looks to have fallen to challenger Joash Schulman by more than 300 votes.

Moss posted on Facebook congratulating Schulman and thanking his supporters saying:

“The voters have spoken, and I have the greatest respect for their collective judgment and wisdom. I have been blessed with the honor and privilege of serving my fellow Beach residents for the last twelve years with no regrets and too numerous to count fond memories. God has blessed me beyond measure in elective office. Come the new year I will be blessed with new opportunities.”

Schulman is excited to see new faces on city council.

“It was an incredible experience, especially for a first-time candidate to run for office and represent your community,” Schulman said. “I feel blessed to have the support of my family and so many people out there. Thousands of people whose doorsteps and living rooms and backyards I’ve visited.”

Some other new faces are poised to join city council.

Chris Taylor currently has the most votes for District 8, edging ahead of John Andrews and Rona Marsh. Jennifer Rouse is pulling ahead of Heidi Daniels for District 10.

Amelia Ross-Hammond ran unopposed for District 4.

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