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How big was Gov. Youngkin's role at the polls?

An expert said Youngkin's endorsement played a role in some races like Virginia's Second Congressional District. Ultimately, the Republican gained national exposure.

NORFOLK, Va. — Following election night, Governor Glenn Youngkin said it’s time to look ahead.

“I think it’s time for elected leaders to put the campaign behind now and get to work,” he stated.

When it comes to Republican wins in Virginia, J. Miles Coleman with UVA’s Sabato’s Crystal Ball says the governor’s presence did help in some races like Virginia’s Second District.

“I think his involvement for Jen Kiggans, probably something that played well in that seat,” he said.

However, Coleman said it wasn’t the case for other districts.

“It seemed like Youngkin really wanted District 7," he said. "But that stuck with Abigail Spanberger and it wasn’t particularly close. You know, Spanberger won by four points.”

Though when it comes to his involvement on a national scale, Coleman said it depends on the race.

“I think it was somewhat basically of a mixed bag,” Coleman said.

Coleman said governor races in Florida and Georgia were already ahead. Coleman said he’s still watching the Arizona governor’s tight race where Youngkin spent time campaigning for Kari Lake.

“She may end up pulling it out and if it’s a close sendoff race, he may be taking some credit,” he said.

Ultimately, Coleman said this granted Youngkin more national exposure.

“So if he maybe wants to make some moves in 2024, he just has more name recognition across the country now.”

Coleman said he looks forward to elections next year. That's when he questions if voters will punish him for being out of state so often.

“Both chambers of the legislature are up next year," he said. "If the voters are feeling dissatisfied with Youngkin, they’ll have a good opportunity to take out their anger on the Republicans.”

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