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13News Now Investigates: Luria, Kiggans spend millions in final push to win undecided voters

The incumbent has ratcheted up advertising this week as the two candidates compete for voters in the dead heat race.

NORFOLK, Va. — Politicians are spending near record amounts this election to get their message out.

The commercials are impossible to miss, especially in the hotly-contested House race in the Second District of Virginia. 

We found a combined $13.5 million spent so far on advertising in the District 2 race between Democratic incumbent Elaine Luria and Republican State Senator Jen Kiggans.

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The Luria campaign has spent $7.3 million on ads, compared to the $6.2 million for the Kiggans camp, according to numbers from the Virginia Public Access Project (VPAP) as of October 25. 

And there’s a big difference in where they’re getting all that funding.

Credit: VPAP.org

Congresswoman Luria’s campaign self-funded 56 percent its ads so far, spending more than $4.1 million in advertising. 

The remaining $3 million was paid for mostly by Democratic Super PACs, like the House Majority PAC and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

It’s a stark contrast to the Kiggans campaign, which self-funded just 11 percent of its advertising so far, according to an analysis of VPAP data. 

Republican Super PACs have mostly paid for the rest.

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The Congressional Leadership Fund contributed $3.5 million to anti-Luria and pro-Kiggans ads.

The race is deadlocked at 45% among likely voters, with 8% of voters still undecided, according to the latest poll released last week from the Wason Center at Christopher Newport University.

The Luria campaign is nearly doubling its spending on advertising this week compared to last week, according to VPAP data.

Democrats will spend more than $1.2 million this week on pro-Luria or Anti-Kiggans ads, compared to the $738,625 that Republicans will spend this week on Pro-Kiggans or Anti-Luria ads. 

This week marks the first time either campaign has spent more than $800,000 in a single week on advertising. 

And this is far from the only race with major money flowing. 

In Virginia's District 7, more than $23 million has been spent on ads between the two candidates.

And last month, campaigns nationwide spent more than a billion dollars on political advertising for this Midterm election. That's a near-record amount, according to AdImpact, and analysts expect even more spending in October. 

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