VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- Big changes are coming in Virginia's medical marijuana laws.

On Monday, Lawmakers unanimously approved legislation to allow all doctors to prescribe an oil extracted from weed for anyone who needs it. This would expand the use of marijuana in Virginia.

The change came about from a grassroots struggle.

"The medical cannabis is going to help not just me but thousands of others."

67-year-old Donna Daniels lives in Virginia Beach. In the past ten years, she's been through a lot.

"I had 19 surgeries in 24 months because of the radiation," explained Daniels.

For years she wasn't feeling herself. She would feel dizzy and fall often. Four and a half years later, doctors diagnosed her with a brain tumor.

She said, "I just could not take the pain any longer. I was in so much pain."

The tumor wasn't cancerous. Six years later, Daniels was diagnosed with Stage Three Rectal Cancer.

Daniels explained, "The treatments are what permanently damaged me."

She's now a survivor, but she still has constant pain.

If cannabis becomes legalized to treat some conditions, she believes it could change her life.

"It's not just something for someone to feel good because they are bored. This will help thousands in Virginia and millions in the country," Daniels said.

She believes the drug would help her relax and sleep better at night.

If approved, Virginia would become the 29th state to allow medical marijuana.

Doctors would be able to prescribe the oil extracted from weed for people who need it.

"It can help like I said manage or cure a lot of diseases."

Daniels said while this is a huge step for Virginia, she said it's going to take some time to set up dispensaries in the state if it becomes a law.

"Now you have access to it. You can go across the state line without the fear of being put in jail."

The bill goes to Governor Ralph Northam's desk.