VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — After serving the 7th District Senate for nearly two decades, Republican Senator Frank Wagner is retiring. That means his Senate seat is not only up for grabs, but it is an opportunity for power in the General Assembly.

“This one race in the 7th could determine whether the State Senate race is tied at 2020 or whether Republicans retain a 21-19 majority,” said 13News Now's Political Analyst Quentin Kidd.

Democratic candidate Cheryl Turpin said the Commonwealth needs common sense gun reform.

“Anything that modifies a gun needs to be addressed; extended magazines, silencers, suppressors, need to be addressed,” said Turpin. “Anything that modifies a firearm.”

Turpin is a high school science teacher and current House of Delegates member. She said the Democrats see a lot at stake during the November elections when every Senate and House seat is up for re-election.

“It will be women's healthcare, it’s going to be education, it’s going to be the environment, it’s going to be about putting people first,” said Turpin.

Republican candidate Jen Kiggans said she sees Governor Ralph Northam's July special session as an opportunity.

"I would hope our elected officials in Richmond reach across party lines to build a consensus on how to move forward to make our communities safer as it relates to gun legislation."

Kiggans is a nurse practitioner and political newcomer. While she canceled her scheduled interview with 13News Now, she said in a statement that she wants to “restore civility, integrity, and character to Richmond.”

Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment said Republicans pride themselves on choice in healthcare coverage, low taxes, quality education, and economic growth. He said Kiggans will make an excellent addition to the Senate Republican Caucus and is ideally positioned to win in November.