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Some voters decided, some not, as candidates swarm New Hampshire

Some supporters said they think Biden’s the best choice, and have been backing him for some time.

SOMERSWORTH, N.H. — The Democratic candidates for president are running or driving all over the Granite State this week. The top tier candidates hoping to come out first or second, the others looking to do well enough to stay in the race.

In Somersworth, on the border with Maine, former vice president Joe Biden parked the campaign bus Tuesday and held a late morning rally. Biden told supporters he didn’t do well in Iowa and is committed to fighting hard for a top finish in New Hampshire. He said the core issue is changing the direction of the country under the Trump Administration.

“From the moment I announced I said, as the (Somersworth) mayor said, I believe we’re in a battle for the soul of this nation, and I really do.”

Supporters, like Karen Parry of nearby Dover, said they think Biden’s the best choice, and have been backing him for some time.

“(I want) a candidate who can beat Trump, and can have the experience to hit the ground running and get some things done,” Parry said.

But there is a tradition for many in the state to study the range of candidates, and wait until close to primary day to choose one to support.

Others said they’re just looking for any candidate who can beat Donald Trump.

Lori Witham of Dover made that point, along with her friend Alandra Hoffman.

“I like Pete, I’m not sure he’s gonna bring in the black vote, “said Witham “Biden I’m not sure he brings in the young vote. They all have something good."

“And weaknesses," added Hoffman. “There isn’t one that you say that’s the one.”

The women said they are planning to hear Bernie Sanders Saturday, and that their choice would likely be between Sanders, Biden and Pete Buttegeig.

All the candidates will be running nearly non stop until primary day on February 12, hoping to persuade a few more voters.

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