WASHINGTON — U.S. Senate and House leaders wrote a bicameral letter to VA Monday following a report from the Office of Inspector General (OIG) outlined errors in VA’s processing of non-VA emergency care claims. 

The OIG found that in 2017 VA inappropriately processed about 31 percent of emergency care claims totaling at least $716 million.

The report made by the OIG also substantiated a whistleblower claim on the issue found that VA incentivized value production targets for timely processing of emergency care claims over fairly and accurately issuing decisions.

Among the inappropriately processed claims, the OIG estimated that VA was likely responsible for paying $53.3 million in emergency care claims for 17,400 veterans. 

View the full report below:

In their letter, Members expressed their disappointment that VA has not done enough to improve its claims processing following a 2014 GAO report on the same matter and demanded that “VA expeditiously and continuously implement the recommendations made by independent oversight bodies.”

View the full letter below:

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