RICHMOND, Va. (WVEC)-- It was random, arbitrary and totally left to chance.

The method used to decide the winner in the tied 94 th House district race in Newport News was something called a "drawing of lots."

Wednesday in the General Assembly, there was a move to change that system.

Newport News Delegate Marcia Price is the lawmaker who wants to make the change, and let the people make the decision. She has the backing of all 20 members of the Legislative Black Caucus.

After the winner of the tied 94 th House District seat was determined by pulling a name out of a bowl, Price decided there has tot be a better way. Her House Bill 1581 calls for a Special Election in the case of a tie in a recount, instead of a drawing of lots.

"And really the moral cost of disenfranchisement and eroding of the trust in the system, you kind of have to weight that out," said Price. "And I think those of us that support the bill, that weighs a little bit heavier."

Christopher Newport University Assistant Director of the Judy Ford Wason Center for Public Policy and Political Science Lecturer Rachel Bitecofer says the need for this remedy would be very rare.

"Truly we've got to keep in mind, the probability of this bill being used again any time soon if it was enacted into law is very low," she said. "What happened with David Yancey and Shelly Simonds was remarkable because it was remarkable, right?"

Yancey's legislative aide Gretchen Heal told 13 News Now, "He is open to all ideas, including a special election. He would like to see a clearer process in the code."

And, Simonds told 13 News Now, "I am really supportive. I don't think a drawing of lots was a satisfactory outcome for the citizens."

An important first test for the bill comes tomorrow, when it is heard before the House Privileges and Elections Committee, Subcommittee number Two.