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Youngkin takes his tax cut plans on the road, visits Chesapeake business

Governor Glenn Youngkin toured an industrial supply facility in Chesapeake Thursday afternoon and took the time to discuss his tax cut plans again.

CHESAPEAKE, Va. — Governor Glenn Youngkin is taking his broad array of tax cut plans on the road and stopping in Hampton Roads once again.

The governor took his initiative to industrial and military supply company Jo-Kell Inc. in Chesapeake where he called on his supporters to help him cut taxes in Virginia.

Youngkin said he does not want to wait to see these tax cuts.

"No, I want it done this year and we'll have future discussions this year in this session between Senate finance and House appropriations in order to get this done," said Youngkin after he rallied with his supporters. "There is bipartisan support for this."

He said in order to keep people from leaving Virginia, he wants to make it more affordable to live in the state, starting with excluding $40,000 in taxes from veterans' retirement benefits.

"If they are constantly raising taxes and allowing appreciations to go up, people are going to move away," said Youngkin. "They're going to go someplace else."

Youngkin used the time with his supporters to ask them to call their elected officials to help push his agenda to cut taxes while Virginia is still in the legislative session.

The governor said he's pushing for local governments to help alleviate personal property taxes as well, such as your car and home.

"That's why we have pushed to have a referendum before real estate taxes can go up more than one percent," the governor said.

During Youngkin's campaign, he proposed a one-time tax rebate check of $300 to $600 for Virginians, which he said he is still pushing for in the legislative session.

The General Assembly must approve the governor's plans before we see any major tax cuts.

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