VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — There's a new addition to many mailboxes in Pungo. Families are attaching blue ribbons to their boxes and shirts in memory of a 4-year-old boy who died Tuesday.

"It was really heartbreaking when I heard that it was a little boy and heard about the tragedy for the family," said neighbor Shonni Thorne.

Neighbors said Pungo is a close and connected community, and they wanted to mourn the loss for the family.

"If I could just wrap my arms around the mother I would in a heartbeat, knowing the grief she's suffering," said Thorne.

Virginia Beach police say no charges are being filed. The 4-year-old died after being hit by a car in a private driveway.

"From a mother's heart and a mother's point of view, she needs comfort and support and the whole family does and I hope this shows our community is rallying behind her," said Thorne.

Donations for the family are being accepted at Charity United Methodist Church and the funeral is scheduled for Sunday. 

"Whether it be a time of joy or a time of sorrow, we just come together and lift each other up," said Thorne.