Don't have Thanksgiving plans or not a huge fan of turkey? Well, you may have another fun option.

You can go to an NFL game on Thanksgiving for as low as $7.21.

That's according to prices on StubHub that range from $7 to $325 "dream seats" or luxury boxes.

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It's not so surprising that the tickets prices may be lower on Thanksgiving when a lot of season ticket holders may be spending the day with family. But, $7 -- that's pretty outrageous.

It may be because the Redskins are 4-6 and out of the playoff hunt and the Giants are 2-8 --- yup.

Even though that's a good enough reason for the low ticket prices, we decided to look at the other Thanksgiving games.

Vikings at Lions tickets are selling for anywhere from $99 to nearly $800 and Chargers at Cowboys are selling for $125 to nearly $600.

You can even compare the Redskins ticket prices to the Wizards. The cheapest ticket you can get for a Wizards game is $26. There are 41 Wizards home games a year versus the 8 Redskins games at FedEx field.

What else can you get for $7?

You can get a foot-long from Subway, five tacos from Taco Bell, a Chipotle burrito, two gallons of gasoline, not even a whole 6-pack of beer, one ride on the Metro, popcorn at the movie theater (not even a large one) and a monthly subscription to Hulu (although those prices are going up).

If you do decide to go, you can also spend all day tailgating with the Redskins.

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So, grab your Redskins gear and head to the game -- you can probably get food, alcohol and a game day experience for less that what a Thanksgiving meal would cost you.