VIRGINIA BEACH, Va (WVEC) – Regent University is now equipped with a state of the art facility to train the next generation of Cybersecurity experts.

It’s called a “Cyber Range” and it was unveiled by university officials Tuesday afternoon.

Students will learn how to combat cyber attacks in a simulated environment.

"This is the change that the world is going through,” said Adi Dar, CEO of Cyberbit Ltd.

The company has partnered with the university in creating the training site. It puts students through life-like situations with virtual computer simulations.

"You have attacks and you have defenders,” Dar said. “Defenders are trying to find those attacks ASAP and respond to them."

According to University officials, the cybersecurity field is a growing industry. The demand is expected to reach 6 million jobs around the world in 2019, a release said.

This comes during a time when hackers are smarter and “cyber attacks are increasing in size and complexity.”

"The electricity grid you get power from is based on scaler networks,” said Dar. “If someone will attack that, we won't have electricity."

"For our students, I wanted them to be change agents to the world we live in,” Regent University President and CEO, Pat Robertson said.

The facility is also meant to train the military, businesses and government agencies by the end of next year.