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Don't dump your sandbags on the beach

Here's what you can do with the sandbags you didn't use during Hurricane Dorian.
Manatee County workers gave out approximately 2,000 sandbags over five hours.

TAMPA, Fla. — Hurricane Dorian might be long gone, but the sandbags you filled are still around.

Counties around Tampa Bay want people to know what they can do with all the sandbags they spent time filling last week.

Hillsborough County officials say clean sandbags should be kept in a dry place so they can be used when the next big storm threatens our area.

If people don’t want to have the bags taking up room, they can dump the sand out in lawns or use it for landscaping.

Sandbags that touch floodwaters should be thrown out because they could have sewage, oil, bacteria or other hazardous materials in them.

Sand should not be dumped on Florida beaches.

Hallandale Beach in Broward County reminded people that the sand used to fill sandbags is not the same that’s at the beach.

Sandbag sands can actually cause problems for turtle nesting at the beach, Hallandale Beach tweeted.

Starting Nov. 1, people who live in Hillsborough County can get rid of their sandbags for no charge at any of the county’s five collection centers.

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