VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - The first light displays are already out at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, but when you go to see the Holiday Light Show this year, you may notice a big change.

The display has been scaled back to make necessary safety improvements.

Safety issues with the light displays threatened to shut the event down, but the city ultimately decided to save the show. They gave Beachevents $250,000 to make the displays safer.

“We’ve reduced the voltage, we're making many of the displays 12 volt so that even if they do get electrically charged from the outside, you won't get a shock,” director of Beachevents Bobby Melatti said.

Most of the repairs were electrical, some displays were repainted with a higher grade of paint, and the ones that were just too dangerous are now gone for good. This means the show will be much smaller this year, going from over 300 displays to about 50.

“We can't fix them all at the same time because it's just financially unfeasible,” Melatti said.

But Melatti says there is still much to look forward to, including a free bike night on December 10. The event will also be cheaper this year, going from $15 to a top price of $5.

“The whole idea is to have a great event that's safe,” he said.

More information on the light show can be found here.