ARLINGTON, Va. — A 99-year-old great grandmother from Arlington, spent her Mother's Day doing what she loves...working.  

That's right, Hattie Louise Jones not only still works, but also drives and exercises everyday.

Hugs are just part of the job for Hattie Louise Jones. She has been the coat checker at Army Navy Country Club in Arlington for about 40 years. She took on this job after retiring from IBM.

Jones was born in 1919. She graduated from Ithaca High School in New York in 1939. On Sept. 22nd, Jones will be 100-years-old.

"One hundred years old. I can't believe it," Jones said, reflecting on the upcoming big day. 

She drives herself to work and exercises every day. Her personality is infectious, says Army Navy's general manager Patrick King. 

"She has more energy than somebody half her age. She's unbelievable. I don't what the secret sauce is, but I want some of it," said King. 

Dancing is one of her favorites things. There is video of Jones doing the electric slide in 2015 and video of her--yes--- shaking her booty at her 99th birthday party last year. She's also incredibly flexible. 

"I just bring them over my head and touch the wall," said Jones, explaining her daily routine. 

Her son Clarence McGill, her youngest of three, is 69. He says staying active may be his mother's fountain of youth.

"She has a character that will not allow giving up," said McGill. 

And, trying follow his mother's example, McGill is also still working after retiring.

"He's doing it because of me? We'll I'm glad I got something into his head," Jones said with grin. 

"She's very sassy. If you will," McGill countered, admitting that "it's impossible" to keep up with his mother.

McGill has no plans of slowing down, or leaving her job.

Jones has three children, eight grandchildren and three great grandchildren. They're all expected to be part of her 100th birthday bash in September.