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'Did they react fast enough? I think that's pretty obvious.' | Uvalde mayor among new witnesses testifying before Texas House committee

A special committee investigating the school massacre held another round of closed-door hearings on location at Uvalde City Hall.

UVALDE, Texas — Police officers and teachers were among those questioned by the Texas House Wednesday about the Uvalde school massacre.

It’s part of an ongoing investigation by a Texas House committee that is holding some hearings on location.

Outspoken Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin spoke with us after his testimony about the events of May 24.

"Did they not react fast enough?" said McLaughlin.  "I think that’s pretty obvious.”

He said he simply provided facts as he knows them and added there’s still a lot Texas DPS and others have not shared with him about the massacre and the initial police response.

“I’ve said from day one I want the truth to come out," said McLaughlin. "And if we made mistakes, then we have to be big boys and own up to it."  

"And every agency there is going to have to do the same thing.”

Wednesday's witnesses are among some 30 people interviewed by this particular committee so far.

"The goal will be to come up with and provide a preliminary and finalized report for later on so that we can try and get relevant facts and information to the Texas legislature, this community and all interested parties,” said committee chairman Rep. Dustin Burrows of Lubbock.

Retired FBI agent Hector Armijo, who happened to visit the expanding memorial in Uvalde’s main plaza while the hearing was going on, hopes nothing is rushed in finding the truth.

"Especially the community and the parents," said Armijo.  "They want to find out exactly what happened and why."  

"But it’s not to blame a particular person or agency, but rather to have peace and move on.”

There’s no timeline for when this committee may wrap up its work, but a few more witnesses are anticipated Friday.

Editor's note: The below video is from KHOU 11's coverage of a Uvalde City Council meeting on June 21.

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