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Swim with pigs on Pig Island

The San Joaquin River is littered with deserted islands, but there is one island near Stockton that is inhabited by some friendly animals.

Pig Island is what the locals call it… And yes pigs roam the sandy shores!

"There are 5 babies and mom and dad," said Blair Hake, the unofficial pig keeper on the island.

He discovered the pigs 3 years ago when someone put them on the island to eat the hyacinth.

Water hyacinth is an invasive water plant that can clog boat motors. The pigs have done a good job of eating the plant along the islands shore. Boaters frequently bring the pigs food, but the island seems to support the animals when there is no visitors. There is plenty of dense brush to hide and sleep in.

"They live quite the life here," Hake said. "They can swim but don't seem to want to leave."

The exact location of Pig Island is kept a secret for the pigs safety. You can get up dates on how the pig family is doing on their Facebook page, Friends of the pigs on the Delta.

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