A Facebook video is making its rounds on the internet after a man stood up and passionately yelled at fellow Delta passengers about President- elect Donald Trump.

WARNING: This video contains graphic language, viewer discretion is advised.

In the video, a man is standing in the aisle of the plane passionately speaking about President- elect Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump, baby!” he says.

The other passengers sit quietly and don't respond but the man continues to clap and applaud.

“We got some Hillary b****** on here?” the man asks.

According to The Daily Mail, the flight was going to Pennsylvania from Atlanta, Georgia.

Emma Baum's 45-second video of the encounter was posted on Facebook and has been viewed over a million times and shared by thousands.

Shortly after the video was posted on Twitter, users began tweeting Delta looking for answers as to why the passenger wasn't reprimanded for his actions. The incident has even caught the attention of some celebrities.

In fact, some customers have stated they will be leaving the airline carrier as a customer altogether:

Delta has been actively replying to customers on Twitter saying they are currently investigating the situation.

News 8 has reached out to Delta for a statement regarding the incident but has not heard back.