VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) - The attack in Las Vegas has many people wondering about security.

"You are never really safe anywhere, you just don't ever know," Laura Follo said.

On Monday afternoon, Police Chief Jim Cervera talked about safety.

"We do worry about copy cats and we do upstaff on all of these events," explained Chief Cervera.

The oceanfront is full of festivals and concerts all year long. This weekend is the annual JT Walk and Country Music Beach Party.

Chief Cevera said if something tragic would happen in Virginia Beach, he believes his department and officers would be prepared.

"I can tell you we have a very well made plan, a security plan," he said. "We have contacts with the state level but with the federal level and we have a very in depth security plan and a response plan."

Chief Cervera said the people in the community should be prepared too. He said some tips are to run, fight, and hide.

"We say you are our eyes and ears. If you see something say something. We will take all of that into account on whether or not it's valid," Cervera said.

Community members are not going to let the recent attack to stop them from enjoying life and going to festivals and concerts.

"I don't think we can let people stop us from living. We have to do something and maybe it means thinking twice about what I need to do to be protected," explained Follo.

13News Now reached out to hotel security. We were told during future festivals, they will continue looking for suspicious activity.