GREENSBORO, North Carolina — We're not the only living, breathing beings jilted by a very cold winter -- creepy crawlies don't like it, either. 


Good Morning Show viewer Melanie Meeks wants to know:

"Does the winter weather really affect the quantity of insects we get in summer? Some say the cold kills them, but I do not know."



Myers explained what Meeks heard is true. Winter weather can, indeed, affect the quantity of insects we get in summertime.

"Sure, it definitely can, especially if it's a milder winter. Our most significant weather we've had (this year) was back in December. If it's milder, there's not as much winter kill, and more survive, and more can start new families next year," he explained.

He noted the Triad's winter, though mild, has been up and down. That kind of weather pattern isn't helping wasps and stinkbugs survive. The cold can damage their reproductive abilities and warm can confuse them.

"They can wake up thinking it's springtime and be moving about. They'll use up their energy storage. So, it can kill the insects by having a cyclical weather (pattern) like we've had."

That said, all the rain this season could mean more mosquitoes come summer. If it warms up quickly and stays warm, mosquitoes could be extra pesky.


It's true -- winter weather affects the quantity of insects in summer, for better or worse.

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