We've all experienced it. Someone cutting you off and didn't even give you a heads up. So what is required of drivers when they change lanes?

We looked up the traffic code for Virginia and North Carolina.

  • According to the law. drivers in both states are supposed to use their turn signal whether they are turning or changing lanes.
  • You must do it one hundred feet before making the actual turn!
  • If you fail to signal appropriately, or at all, you could get a ticket.

For reference, 100 feet is about 2-thirds the length of an Olympic swimming pool. It's also the distance a car traveling 35 miles per hour covers in two seconds.

So, we can verify that all those drivers who think they can change lanes without signaling, yeah that's false, use your turn signal!


Virginia's Driver Manual

Va Law- Signal Device

N.C. Law- Signals on starting, stopping or turning