VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- Cities across Hampton Roads are hoping for the least, when it comes to winter weather, but preparing for the worst.

In Virginia Beach it’s all hands on deck. They will be out treating the roads before flurries even fall.

Public Works has 2,200 tons of sand and salt just in case this storm, or any upcoming storms get bad.

Crews have been preparing since July.

“We’re good and ready, we got crews ready, we got the salt and sand mixture ready, we got extra supplies ready, so right now we are just keeping an eye on everything on an hourly basis,” said Drew Lankford, public works spokesperson.

Lankford said once the temperature hits 35 degrees, crews spring into action.

“We have the Frost Patrol, it’s three trucks that go out at three in the morning and they treat the overpasses and bridges and ramps because they are usually going to freeze up first,” said Lankford.

Public Works has the potential to deploy up to 33 plow trucks, which is exactly what they did this past January. The department is responsible for 900 miles of roadway.

“It’s not uncommon with the weather around here, we are all expecting just to get a little bit of mix and it stays in the 40s and then two hours later it drops down to 28 and we got a bigger issue at hand,” said Lankford.

Lankford said timing is everything when it comes to a potential storm. The less vehicles on the road the better.

“If it’s going to happen before 5 p.m. we’ve got a little bit of a different game plan, if it’s after 7 not so bad, if it starts up early Saturday morning at 6 a.m. even better,” said Lankford.