NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Emery, the Virginia Zoo's 3-month-old lion cub, has a few development abnormalities.

According to the zoo, the 27-pound cub's kidneys do not appear to be growing properly. His kidneys are working and doing their job, but the outer part of the kidney is just too thin and the inner part is dilated.

Vets were able to make this discovery when they performed a few tests on the cub after they found a slightly enlarged lymph node.

On top of the enlarged kidneys, the zoo's Vet Team found that Emery has a smaller than average liver, and a few other enlarged lymph nodes in his body.

A blood test also indicated that his bone marrow may not be functioning as it should.

Vet Staff have additional tests pending on his bone marrow, kidneys, liver and gastrointestinal tract to hopefully provide a more definitive diagnosis and a long-term prognosis.

The good news: Emery shows normal behavior and has begun eating meat. He has been growing about a half pound per day and his current daily routine is just like any other growing lion cub.

The zoo will release more information as Emery grows.