JACKSONVILLE, Ark. (KTHV) - A man was bitten by a copperhead snake inside of an Arkansas Walmart, after he brought the animal into the store.

"Everyone was freaking out," said Linda Mathews, who snapped a picture of the snake.

A video sent to us by Darla Duncan shows a customer catching the snake after it bit the man.

According to Jacksonville Animal Control, the Copperhead was de-fanged, which is done typically if the snake is kept as a pet.

The snake's front two fangs had been removed, but it does still have venomous glands. The man was taken to the North Metro Medical Center for treatment.  

In a statement, Khim Aday with Walmart said the following:

“We take seriously the safety of everyone who shops in our stores. After close examination of surveillance video, it appears the customer who was bitten brought the de-fanged snake inside the store himself. No one else was impacted.”