VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- A family dog was attacked in its own back yard, and the injuries were so severe he could not be saved.

Animal Control is investigating and they don’t know what or who is responsible leaving the entire neighborhood on edge.

“When we heard that a dog the size of a Rottweiler was taken down by an animal, that raised everybody’s alarm,” said neighbor Susan Boland.

Boland, along with many of her neighbors, walk their dogs every day on Battery Road, where the attack took place.

The four-year-old 100 pound Rottweiler named Bruno was by himself on Sunday in a fenced in backyard when the attack took place. The owners declined to comment but we did speak with the nextdoor neighbor.

“My understanding is it was the hind legs, and the back, the back part of his body,” said Sarah Mckown. “Attacked enough that they couldn't save him.”

Neighbors can only wonder what deadly creature, slinking through their woods, is responsible.

Maybe a fox, a coyote, or even a bob cat?

“So we just started walking around telling everyone to get the word out because everyone has dogs or children playing in the back yard,” said Boland.

Animal Control says this is an open investigation and won’t confirm an animal caused the attack. Melissa Montoya is taking extreme caution with her dog Pickles.

“Try to keep him on a leash and don’t leave him out by himself,” said Montoya. “He wouldn't be able to defend himself against something like that.”

Patty Benditt says she loves her dogs too, but they’re not the most important thing on her mind.

“I have two small grandsons also that we are concerned about, I don’t want them being jumped by a bob cat either or a coyote,” said Benditt.

Mckown said whatever is out there, one death is too many.

“It’s sad we are going to miss him because we always took treats out to him and he would come over to the fence and we’d talk to him, he was a nice gentle dog,” said Mckown.

Some of these neighbors even say they will be putting up security cameras to catch this creature if it returns.