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'I'm not trying to hurt you' | Houston mom gets snake out from under hood of daughter's car

Nicole Graham said she had to move quickly because of the damage a snake that size can do.

HOUSTON — A Houston woman showed no fear in taking care of a snake that slithered its way under the hood of her daughter’s car.

Nicole Graham, who has a business helping people raise chickens, was at a client’s house in Burton, Texas, on April 4 when she noticed a large, non-venomous rat snake in her client's chicken coop.

She tried to remove it but said it escaped her grasp and went straight under the hood of her daughter’s car.

"A snake of that size can cause problems," she said. "As soon as I opened the hood, it was sitting there right on top."

Credit: Nicole Graham

Graham said that’s when her daughter pulled out her phone and started to record.

"I'm not trying to hurt you," Graham could be heard saying in the video to the snake.

Graham removed the snake from underneath the hood of her daughter's car with the help of a stick. The snake was not hurt in the process of the removal. 

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