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A red Jeep in the water at Myrtle Beach makes waves on social media

The red Jeep Grand Cherokee became a tourist attraction itself.

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — Word and video of an SUV abandoned on Myrtle Beach, while Hurricane Dorian, was making its way to the Carolinas, took on a life of its own. They mystery of how it got there has what intrigued people the most. 

The red Jeep Grand Cherokee became a tourist attraction itself. People were taking selfies, someone put it up for auction online. A person was recorded playing bagpipes at the Jeep. Someone even created a Facebook page and yes a Twitter account for the SUV. Lots of people were trying to get their 15 seconds or more of fame with the Jeep on the beach.

In the world of social media, you have to always expect the unexpected.

Police told WFMY News 2's Marissa Tansino the SUV was found abandoned Thursday morning. The driver allegedly told officers he let a cousin borrow the vehicle and didn't know it was there. The Jeep was found between 36th Avenue North and 37 Avenue North, WBTW is reporting.

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Funny posts about the SUV left on the beach.

We had too. It was there--WFMY News 2 stream on Facebook the Red Jeep.


Hold My Beer

\See My Peeps


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