CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The Carolinas are well-known for their barbecue (whether you’re an eastern N.C. fan or prefer the South Carolina mustard is personal choice) and Cheerwine.

But outside of the classics that everyone loves, what’s the worst food that’s enjoyed by locals?

According to Thrillist, which named every state’s “grossest” food, it’s western North Carolina staple livermush.

“It never had a chance. It’s called… livermush…And shockingly, livermush is not grosser than the sum of its parts. Pig liver, head parts, and cornmeal make up these little bars that look like burnt Pop-Tarts. It might be a southern staple, but from the outside looking in, it’s the world’s most nauseating door stop.”

<p>Livermush is a western North Carolina staple. And according to some, looks like burnt Pop-Tarts.</p>


In Virginia, the notorious grossest food label was given to Brunswick stew. We’ll let Thrillist take it from here:

"Inherently, there's really nothing gross about this hearty, delicious stew of veggies and meat. It's the perfect meal for adaptability, and adapt is apparently what people did when the northern flying squirrel became endangered, causing cooks to resort to, ugh, chicken and rabbit and… whatever else they had access to. Which could be pretty much anything. Which is to say, if you have an aversion to critters -- airborne or otherwise -- ask what's floating in that there bowl."

Brunswick stew and its fabled &#39;mystery meat.&#39;

So, there you have it. Livermush and Brunsick stew are considered the worst foods that people actually love in NC and Virginia. So don’t be ashamed if these are regulars in your diet. Besides, what better way to enjoy life than keeping traditions alive?