There are mixed reactions from parents at a Baltimore County, Md. middle school as a viral video continues to spread of a bizarre road rage incident involving a school bus.

Sixty-eight-year-old Levern Doran of Baltimore County has been hit with charges including disorderly conduct after the apparently enraged man was caught on video clinging to the hood of a moving school bus carrying students from the Loch Raven Technical Academy in Towson on Thursday.

The driver of the bus continued moving in traffic with the man on the hood because he "feared for the safety of the children," according to a statement from Baltimore County Police.

Some Loch Raven parents said the unidentified bus driver did exactly the right thing. However others said he could have handled the incident by stopping the vehicle and keeping the doors locked until law enforcement could arrive.

School officials will not comment on the driver's actions.

According to police, Doran became enraged after someone on the bus threw a bottle that struck the man's vehicle. At first Doran banged on the doors of the bus in an attempt to get in, a police statement said.

The bus driver was attempting to drive to a nearby police precinct while Doran was clinging to the hood, according to investigators. An off duty police officer intervened to stop the incident before the bus got to the police station.

Police were not able to confirm on Monday wether or not anything was actually thrown from the bus, whether it hit anyone's vehicle, and whether investigators are seeking to charge anyone involved in the alleged bottle-throwing incident.